Our Signature ionization deep pore cleansing facial utilizing a positive and/or negative charged mineral solution drawn into the deeper layers of skin using Galvanic current.

Relaxing Facial

A full hour of pampering that includes exfoliation, steaming, some extractions, massage manipulations, and mask for your skin type.

Adolescent Cleanse

Being a teenager is hard. Getting rid of acne shouldn't be! Healthy skin begins early and teenage skin requires special attention. Designed to educate, as well as deep cleanse.

Microdermabrasion :: Pharmaceutical Grade Serums that cleanse, exfoliate,  and stimulate collagen production in combination with dual light therapy, while infusing vitamins, peptides, antioxidants, and hylarounic acid.

ECHO 2 Oxygen Therapy
Skin treatment using the ECHO 2 plus system. ECHO stands for Exfoliation, Cleansing, Hydration, and Oxygen (An excellent anti-aging treatment).


This technique is effective for reducing scars, fading stretch marks, reducing fine lines and deep wrinkles, dyspigmentation and also can tighten sagging skin.

Cell Youth Actif :: A three-phase treatment. Activate. Hydrate. Rejuvenate. Treat yourself to the miracle of stem cells! Recomended for all skin types that are showing signs of aging.


Redness Facial

This facial reduces and improves the appearance of red, irritated skin, while soothing tightness and stinging. Excellent for Rosacea, it improves smoothness, softens skin and reduces flaking.


Norweigian Treatment :: Beautiful skin from the rainforests of the Norweigian Sea.

Oxyceuticals Acne Therapy :: This specialized ECHO 2 treatment is a revolutionary treatment for acne using pure oxygen.


Collagen Facial :: This treatment is suitable for dry and dehydrated skins, also showing loss of elasticity and aging.


Société and Dr. G Facials :: These represent the most active and concentrated in professional treatments. Results are very different from the standard facial treatments. Let your skin care therapist guide you.


Eye Mask :: Relaxing, moisturizing, soothing, and smoothing mask for a fresher more relaxed appearance.


Hand & Arm Treatment :: Hand & Arm massage then put in hot mitts.

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